Trendy Sites

After checking out current website trends from 2010 and 2011 I found that I responded most to specialized typography, use of oversized photography as a background, illustrated background, fixed positioning of elements, bold colors, textures, layers, and the hand-drawn look. The following websites are among some of my favorites that I have recently discovered as inspiration! I especially love Analogue’s image for their homepage, Social Design House’s intro video, and the hand-drawn imagery in Steedicons.


Fun Illustrations

I recently came across these illustrations by Lim Heng Swee and think that they are great! Cute, funny, and creative. Below are some of my favorites from his Doodle Everyday project which you can look at here. His website has more elaborate illustrations and the option to buy prints or t-shirts.


I ♥ Dexter

I am absolutely in love with these poster designs by Ty Mattson for the Showtime series Dexter. The colors, the illustration style, and the fantastic job Ty did of showing the key aspects of each season is what makes these posters a success! Below is a a mock-up of a DVD case, a couple posters, one of his initial sketches, and a video showing how he created the designs.

Dexter Poster Time-Lapse from Mattson Creative on Vimeo.


With my portfolio in the works I am currently researching new and unique ways of branding. Here are a few examples that I found to be interesting.

Visual Armour
Colt Bowden

What I Love

Black & white patterns, ribbons, a great studio space, and the color seafoam green? Yes please!

So amazingly colorful…

CSA Design did a great job showing off paper samples with an awesome design and metallic ink (cannot see metallic from the images below). See more from CSA Design here or check out the French Paper Company website here.