About Me

Hi, my name is Jeanna and I am a graphic designer from Chicago.

I live to explore new ideas and places. My interests include traveling, photography, nature, music, concerts, astronomy, and obviously design!

Why do I love design?
I am interested in the way design affects culture. The emotional response it gives a viewer. The feeling of texture, paper, varnish, and embossing. The look of foil, vellum, and plastic. How changing a material, a color scheme, a paper, or a typeface can completely alter the look and feel of a design. Endless color combinations. Developing striking typography. Imagining the possibilities of project. Seeing progress and results. Redesigning. Informing others successfully. Creating an illustration. Using experiences as inspiration. Exploring design in other countries. Flipping through a Pantone® swatchbook. Patterns. Screen printing. Discovering new tricks in design programs. Having a favorite typeface and identifying typefaces upon first glance. Learning about new topics through research. Sketching ideas. Brainstorming. Deciding on formats and grids. Creating and folding a dieline. Looking at a finished print for the first time. Learning and gaining inspiration from others.